At the far end of Potos’ beach, one of the most beautiful and with special archaeological interest beaches of Thassos, is located our seafront boutique hotel. Custom-made for aficionados of celebrated living, expertly combines post-modern minimalistic style with the allure of greek architecture. Its extraordinary location, amid the ancient hills, offers direct access to the beach and unequalled panoramic views of the Aegean.Our rooms and suites are carefully designed to relieve the fatigue from your everyday life where you can feel for yourself what it is like to truly relax in nature. Our staff’s friendly and discreet service combined with the modern comforts that the hotel is offering, assure to our guests a pleasant accommodation and an oasis of absolute privacy and relaxation.

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Autocar Bucuresti - Thassos Sud 2024 Bucuresti - Thassos; Autocar Thassos Sud - Bucuresti 2024 Thassos - Bucuresti; Package commission

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